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Goal 1: Attract, Retain, and Align Talent

Real World Learning

Work-based learning for K-12 students provides opportunities for business-to-education engagement that helps build our future talent pipeline and retain top tier talent.

Local high school students are participating in Real World Learning for hands-on experiences to understand careers and occupation pathways better. Our goal is for every graduate by 2030 to have work-based learning experience.

To help your business engage in this important talent initiative, the Chamber has developed resources such as this Real World Learning information dashboard.

For more information, contact Courtney at

Goal 2: Boost Job Growth & Business Investment

Small Business Resources

Overland Park, nestled in the heart of the Kansas City metropolitan area, stands out as a thriving hub for small businesses, offering a unique blend of opportunities and resources that make it an exceptional choice for entrepreneurs. In Johnson County alone, there are around 17,400 businesses with less than 50 employees.

At the center of this vibrant small business ecosystem lies the Overland Park Chamber of Commerce, which plays a pivotal role in connecting businesses of all stages with a wealth of invaluable resources. Whether you're just starting out, looking to expand, or seeking ways to enhance your existing operations, Overland Park and the Overland Park Chamber are primed to support your entrepreneurial journey, fostering an environment where small businesses can flourish.

For more information, check out this Small Business Resource Dashboard.