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Legislative Agendas

The Overland Park Chamber of Commerce encourages diligent, selfless and bipartisan service to address the issues facing the United States in a proficient, timely and transparent manner. The Chamber supports reasonable, fact-based free-market efforts and solutions for improving our local, regional and national safety, economic vitality, and quality of life. When a problem arises that the market cannot adequately address, the Chamber supports developing reasonable, fact-based legislative and regulatory solutions that are developed in partnership with government and business. These solutions should reward outcomes and compliance and treat all companies and business categories in a fair, equitable and predictable manner. The Chamber encourages cooperation between all levels of government in order to provide more efficient delivery of services while maximizing the return on investment for taxpayers.

The Overland Park Chamber of Commerce has adopted the policies and priorities it will support during the Kansas legislative session on behalf of the Overland Park business community. These legislative objectives cover issues of governance, education, taxation and legislative fiscal authority, transportation, economic development, decennial census, bioscience initiatives, judicial selection, energy and environment, health care, housing, immigration and workers' compensation.


The Overland Park Chamber of Commerce supports maintaining elements contributing to quality of life (e.g.; public education; public safety; parks, recreation, arts, culture and entertainment; roads and transportation; housing; and access to health care and mental health services). We encourage regularly assessing the continued availability of those elements as well as the evolution of the characteristics of a desirable quality of life, and we believe the optimal way to accomplish that assessment and preservation is through the efforts of a local government most close to the people and comprised of officials elected through non-partisan elections. We also recognize the value contributed by the strong history of partnerships between our local government and business community and pledge to work to continue and strengthen those relationships.