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Chairman's Message

December 2022

From the Business Perspective Newsletter

The Year in Review

One moment I have brown hair and I’m in the Young Lawyers’ section of the Bar Association. The next I have gray hair and I’m in the Senior Lawyers’ section. Time passes, nothing remains as is, and planning is critical.

To my observation, future planning has been a distinguishing characteristic of this community and this Chamber throughout, and this planning continues today. It has been my honor and pleasure to serve as the 2022 Chairman of the Board. We have a forward-looking board and staff. I’m encouraged by the planning I see in this community and among the Chamber’s board and staff. This bodes well for a collective vision that we will continue to prosper even as the City and its infrastructure age and evolve.

The City has welcomed a new mayor and a new city manager and has kicked off “FrameworkOP,” its comprehensive planning process to help define the City’s future. The existing comprehensive plan was written more than 40 years ago when the city was young. Since then, the city has grown its population, expanded its boundaries, become a commercial center and become much more diverse. Most current Overland Park residents weren’t part of the planning process in the 1980s. There is still time for residents to have their input into FrameworkOP to have a say in the future and to ensure that the plan aligns with the goals of the community. The Chamber is actively playing its part and we hope for extensive community input.

The Chamber also is proud to have launched “Opportunity Now” in response to the most significant challenge faced by Chamber members – the need for workforce. Opportunity Now is a five-year community and economic development initiative to support talent, jobs, the economy and a pro-business environment. I’m pleased to recognize that the business community has enthusiastically stepped up to invest in this project because our business leaders recognize that now is no time for complacency.

Additionally, this year the Chamber has again actively supported positive economic development projects. We’ve engaged in pro-business public policy at the federal, state and local levels. We’ve promoted democracy by hosting forums for political candidates. In conjunction with other Johnson County chambers, we’ve hosted, an outstanding resource to educate voters to make informed decisions in Johnson County elections.

We’ve also provided hundreds of opportunities to our members through Leadership Overland Park, executive leadership programs, fireside chats, ribbon cuttings, young professionals’ outings, Wednesday Wake-ups and After Hours events, among others.

Thank you to the Chamber for the opportunity to serve you as chairman. I soon will pass the gavel to Joan Wells, an innovative entrepreneur with a love for this community and this Chamber. The Chamber is in great hands.

Let’s make Overland Park prosper!

Rupp-Tony Chairmans Message

written by

Tony Rupp

Foulston Siefkin LLP

2022 Chamber Chairman