Overland Park benefits from one of the best tax climates in the United States. Sound fiscal management, high retail sales and continued growth of the commercial tax base have contributed to the community’s competitive tax rates and levies.

Overland Park Taxes

Sales Tax 9.1%*
Property Tax (2018 Mills for 2019 Budget) 102.722-121.010 (Based on school district)
Corporate Income Tax (For business income only within state boundaries) 4.00% of net income, with a 3.00% surtax on net income over $50,000
Individual Income Tax (tax year 2019, resident, married, joint) 3.1% on taxable income not over $30,000; if taxable income is over $30,000 but less than $60,000, then $930 plus 5.25% of excess over $30,000; if taxable income is over $60,000, then $2,505 plus 5.75% of excess over $60,000

*For more specific tax information, visit the City of Overland ParkJohnson County or State of Kansas

Sales Taxes

Overland Park collects sales tax on the purchase of tangible goods and services. Almost half of the city’s annual current revenue is from sales taxes. 

Overland Park Sales Tax

State of Kansas General Tax 6.5%
Johnson County General Tax 0.5%
Johnson County Public Safety Tax 0.25%
Johnson County Stormwater Tax 0.1%
Johnson County Public Safety Capital & Operations Tax 0.25%
Johnson County Education Research Triangle Tax 0.125%
Johnson County Courthouse Tax 0.25%
City of Overland Park General Tax & Street Improvement Tax 1.125%
Total 9.1%

*The sales tax rate at Oak Park Mall (9.6%) and Deer Creek Woods Shopping Center (10.1%) is higher because they are a part of Transportation Development Districts.

Property Taxes

Property taxes are the lowest of any first-class city in Kansas. Overland Park is able to provide top-notch services and amenities while still keeping the property tax rate low.

2018 Mills for 2019 Budget
Location Blue Valley Shawnee Mission Olathe
City of Overland Park 13.566 13.566 13.566
Johnson County 19.024 19.024 19.024
Johnson County Parks & Recreation 3.088 3.088 3.088
Johnson County Library 3.901 3.901 3.901
Johnson County Community College 9.266 9.266 9.266
School District 64.999 52.427 70.665
State of Kansas 1.500 1.500 1.500
Total 115.344 102.772 121.010

To calculate your local property taxes, visit the Overland Park Property Tax Calculator

*Property taxes are assessed through a mill levy. One mill is equivalent to $1 for every $1,000 of assessed property value. Assessed property value is 11.5% of appraised (market) value for residential properties and 25% for commercial properties. Appraisal value of properties is available online at the Johnson County Appraiser's Office.

Corporate Income Taxes

Corporate taxes are 4% of net taxable income plus 3% surtax on taxable income above $50,000. As of January 1, 2013, non-wage income tax was eliminated for limited liability corporations, subchapter-S corporations and sole proprietorships.

Personal Income Taxes

Resident, Married, Joint 2019 Tax Year Rates
Taxable Income not over $30,000 3.1%
Taxable Income over $30,000 but not over $60,000 $930 plus 5.25% of excess over $30,000
Taxable Income over $60,000 $2,505 plus 5.75% of excess over $60,000
Resident, Others 2019 Tax Year Rates
Taxable Income not over $15,000 2.7%
Taxable Income over $15,000 but not over $30,000 $465 plus 5.25% of excess over $15,000
Taxable Income over $30,000 $1,252.50 plus 5.75% of excess over $30,000

Source: Kansas Department of Revenue


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